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Why does he have a black brick in his hand and why is he putting it in the TV?

thanks for making me feel old with that comment

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MÉXICO, el país que pensaste que conocías.

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DC fans are just angry because 8 Marvel movies come out in-between each Batm- I mean DC movie.

Best youtube comment I’ve ever seen

I’ll stop reblogging this when it becomes irrelevant which will be never. 

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jesus stealing food from children


jesus stealing food from children

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“A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.”

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collection of robots trying their best

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Can I just take a moment to explain why I love Nintendo, both at E3 and in general?  I mean, no - the E3 conference may have started at a high note but it kind of ended on a whimper by the end.

But you know what?  I don’t care.

Look at these three men.  They are the three geniuses behind the company.  A man who treats a plush toy with love and laughter in front of millions of viewers.  A man genuinely shocked and amazed when his face is transformed as part of a game.  A man caught contemplating the significance of bananas in the middle of a serious presentation.

Every other company comes onto the stages trying to be as professional as possible.  They see their customers, their players, as mature adults and want to keep up the face of being so as well, producing prerecorded videos of obviously overexcited actors…. - but in the process, while they talk about how excited they are about something, there’s nothing.  Nothing there is genuine.

Nintendo doesn’t care.  Nintendo goofs off.  Nintendo carries ridiculous props onstage and laughs at themselves.  Their excitement isn’t just stated, it’s shown.  They are there, having fun, and because of that you know that they genuinely love their games.  The things they are selling you are things they love themselves.

They are complete dorks at heart.  They still love fun and aren’t afraid to show it in front of millions of people.

And that is why I love Nintendo and will always back them - we share that love of fun.


I know it’s pretty late to comment, but this is a glorious post and a glorious comment.

With an incredible amount of truth. While there’s merit in being professional, nothing sells entertainment like letting your audience know that yes, you genuinely love your product and want to share it with the world.

This is why, even when Nintendo stumbles, and even when they fall flat on their faces, I believe in them to come back swinging and better for the experience.

Reblogging for commentary.

Microsoft and Sony know how to be professional in front of a critical audience.

Nintendo knows how to play.

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why do chihuahuas looks like they are scared the whole time

who wouldn’t be afraid in this economy